Responsible Tourism

As the Managing Director of Nile River Explorers, I would like to thank everyone who has rafted with us and supported events that have helped us raise funds for wildlife conservation in Uganda.

Over the years incredibly well attended fundraising efforts have included raft races and GMFER days where funds have been raised specifically for wildlife conservation in Uganda. To date we have raised over USD $100,000 for various reputable wildlife conservation bodies in Uganda, they include, The Ugandan Wildlife Authority, Rhino Fund Uganda, Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary and Uganda Conservation Foundation.

Hope to see you on this fantastic river sometime.

Jon Dahl

Global March for Elephants & Rhinos

For four years in a row people throughout the world have, on the same day, marched for elephants and rhino's. In Jinja however, we have been RAFTING instead of MARCHING!! Nile River Explorers once again dedicating a day to conservation with the intent of selling EVERY SEAT on EVERY BOAT.

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Ivory Belongs to Elephants - 2016

Nile River Explorers is proud to have been vehicle supported for Jim Justus Nyamu on his ambitious walk around East Africa spreading the word that Ivory Belongs to Elephants.

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Life Jackets for Rangers - 2015

Our commitment to ensure all our equipment not only meets but exceeds international safety standards means that every so often we need to retire some so instead of throwing our life jackets away we make sure they go where they can still be useful.

Rhino Raft Race - 2009 - 2014

Rhino Fund Uganda was established to promote the reintroduction of rhinos into protected areas within Uganda. For 5 consecutive years Nile River Explorers organized a unique raft race that annually raised an average of US$10,000 in just one day.

Rafting Gone Wild! - Raises $9,000 for conservation - 2011

Sunday the 27th February was the last chance to raft Silverback, 50/50 and Bujagali Falls and Nile River Explorers gave it all away to conservation. If we couldn't save our own Silverback at least we can try to save others!

Plant a Tree - 2011

At the beginning of 2011 and in celebration of 15 years rafting the Nile, Nile River Explorers embarked on an ambitious commitment to help restore the banks of the Nile with indigenous trees. Our goal was to plant a tree for every person who rafted with us that year.

United Against Malaria Expedition - 2010

Jon Dahl, owner of Nile River Explorers originally came to Uganda in 1993 on the Afrika Odyssey expedition with the legendary Kingsley Holgate. Since then Kingsley has enlisted Jon and Nile River Explorers help in a number of his expeditions, the latest being the fight against malaria.

Soft Power Education

Nile River Explorers is proud to have supported Soft Power Education since its inception in 1999. What this NGO has achieved through dedicated volunteers and random travellers is quite frankly an inspiration to us all.