Little Travel Essentials

Although we go out of our way to make your time in Jinja as simple as possible, there are just some things we can't do for you.

Money Exchange

Although Nile River Explorers accepts payment in foreign currency we do not have a license to change money. There are however numerous banks along Main Street & Forex bureau's that will change money. 


Nile River Explorers accept most major credit cards however payments by credit card do incur an 5% surcharge so depending on you own bank charges, it may be more economical to withdraw the money in local currency. KCB, Stanbic, Standard Chartered and Barclays all accept Visa Card
Mastercard is only accepted at Stanbic and Barclays.

Supermarkets and Markets

If you are staying at Explorers River Camp, there is a range of toiletries and other necessities available for purchase in the Booking Centre. However if you can't find what you are looking for, there is also an enormous number of small supermarkets in Jinja. In any of these you will be able to find most of the little essentials in life.


Many of the cafes and restaurants in town offer free internet if ours is not available for any reason.