Horseback Riding

A horse riding safari provides a fantastic way to explore the Banks of the Nile, see a traditional Ugandan village and view the stunning panorama from the hills overlooking the Nile River valley.

Operated by Nile Horseback Safaris

Tel: 0774 101196

Situated on the west bank of the Nile directly opposite Explorers River Camp at Bujagali Falls, Nile Horseback Safaris offer 1, 1.5, 2 or 3 hour safaris as well as overnight safaris staying at The Haven River Lodge. All horseback safaris are accompanied by two or more guides and a range of safe, calm and well-schooled horses are available to suit any level of rider experience.

Mixed group safaris are aimed at groups of friends with mixed levels of experience that wish to ride together. Advanced rider only safaris are for those that want a serious ride and do not want to be restricted by inexperienced riders. We also have pony rides for the kids, with a guide walking with the child and pony at all times. 

The one 1 hour, walking only horse safari is perfect for those who just want to relax and enjoy the incredible scenery around the Source of the Nile, this is a great option for families with younger children or those who really want to take their adventure at a mild pace.

For further information about overnight safaris and kids pony rides check out Nile Horseback Safaris


Trip Info


  • Experienced guides
  • Helmets
  • Full length raincoat in case of bad weather
  • Saddlebag to carry gear
  • Sunset safari includes boat transfer from Explorers River Camp and refreshments afterward
  • FREE Kampala – Jinja shuttle to NRE Adventure Central

1 hr Mixed Group Safari

A 1 hr ride is aimed at novices, kids, aged riders and those that may be a little nervous. It is an introductory slow paced safari, (walk and trot), with most of the ride in the local village and about 1 km along the banks of the Nile. Really nervous riders can be led along on lead ropes if required. (Kids from 6 years). This is essentially a trail ride.

1.5 hr Mixed Group Safari

A 1.5 hr ride is a slightly more advanced version of our 1 hour ride. There are some opportunities for a short canter if you choose, but this safari is still a slower paced safari more aimed at being a sightseeing tour through the village and along the river bank rather than a hard core riding trip. A great trip for groups of friends or family that don't want anything too intense.


Sunset Ride

Friday and Saturday evenings only

This is a late afternoon ride of 1.5 hours during the cooler part of the day. More of a relaxed ride, great for all abilities and takes in the stunning light across the river and the relaxed mood of the village in the late afternoon. Also includes boat transport from Explorers River Camp and a few sundowner drinks after the ride. This is chilled ride with only a small amount of cantering opportunities.

2 hr Mixed Group Safari

This ride is for groups of friends/family with a range of abilities who want to ride together. There are various opportunities for cantering and the ride takes in mostly the local village and the section along the Nile.